What is social data and why do you need it?

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Marketing in the modern world has changed dramatically with the innovation of Facebook and other social media platforms arising. Marketers have had to find ways to keep up with the ever changing scenery on all the social media platforms and the information they provide on audiences. This information is known as “social data”. But what exactly is social data and why do you need it?

Social media data, or social data, consists of the raw insights and information collected from clients’ social media profiles and social interactions. It tracks how customers engage with your content on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This data is a collection of numbers, statistics and percentages to help you ascertain the performance of a specific social media post. 

The social data that is collected from social media platforms includes shares, likes, conversions, comments, mentions, impressions and most importantly, clicks. The metadata of clicks is vital for understanding more about the type of audience you want to reach.

Analysing this data will allow you to discover what your target audience truly enjoys and which social media posts they are more likely to be interested in seeing more of. You may find that some social media ads perform better than others.

Now that you know what social data is, you are more than likely curious about how it works. Social data is collected using the tools of the social media platform certain platform. This data is collected and analysed to ascertain what is and is not working by showing the percentages and statistics mentioned above. 

You can use this social data to build social data analytics to make sense of it all. Think of a social media post as you would a recipe: you need the basic ingredient list in order to put together the entire cake. And this ingredient list is what social data provides. Without the ingredients, the recipe would be useless. 

Continuing with the cake analogy, if social data is the ingredient list, social media analytics is your recipe. Social data is needed to create these analytics, making them highly important to any business that wants to answer pertinent questions about their social media performance. 

You can craft a campaign strategy: Using social data, you can find out which networks contribute to the most leads and conversions. By understanding which networks are popular, you can tailor your campaigns to suit these networks. You will also be able to discover what content leads audiences to clicks, shares, likes and conversions.

Social media data allows for more engaging content for your audience. By collecting social data, you are not only able to tie social media to ROI but also use this data in your entire marketing ecosystem. Integrating analytical data such as this will allow you to see the bigger picture of your customer’s journey and deliver a more engaging and rewarding content experience.