word4word marketing services
Marketing Strategies
Every business can make a product or a service. But, it takes a truly exceptional marketing strategy to turn that product or service into a brand.
word4word marketing services
Graphic design is a crucial tool that ensures you communicate with your customers in an efficient manner. It serves to deliver your message to your target audience in an aesthetic way.
word4word marketing services
Digital Marketing
We need to be aware of the impact that online conversations have on the performance of our business and the influence that online discussions have on the decision-making process.
word4word marketing services
Promotional Products
Standing out has never been so easy.  Promotional products are one of the most efficient methods of raising awareness to a brand & generating leads.

UNFOLD your brand's potential

Word4Word Marketing is a vibrant marketing and communications company with clients across South Africa and Namibia.

We work with big and small businesses from a range of industries but we take the same approach to every challenge – working closely with our clients to create and deliver a marketing, communications or social media plan that is squarely focused on their goals.

the TEAM

Alrita Groenewald
Managing Director
Lizl van der Merwe
Financial & HR Director
Susanmarie Auret
Marketing & PR Executive
Marie-Louise Theart
Marketing Executive


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